lessons from my baby

July 22, 2008

my once-teeny-tiny little baby is 11 months old today.  this past year has been a whirlwind of amazing highs and desolate lows, frustration and joy, challenge and triumph, and most of all, love, love, love.  i have learned so much about myself by becoming a mother; my daughter is the best teacher i’ve ever had.  she teaches me new things every single day.  here are a few of the lessons that i have found most inspiring:

  • take time to appreciate every day; time is flying faster than you think.
  • you don’t need a lot of “stuff” to be happy.
  • be proud of your accomplishments; laugh loudly and clap your hands when you do something great.
  • don’t be afraid to shed a few tears; you will always get what you want.
  • even the crankiest grump can be disarmed by a genuine smile.
  • a bad day always seems better after a long nap.
  • when learning new things you will probably fall a few times.  you just have to get up and try again, even if it’s easier to stay down.
  • sometimes a hug really does make everything all better.

One Response to “lessons from my baby”

  1. jkmastera Says:

    I love the “tears” comment, that still works with my daddy and I’m 32 years old!

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