introducing victoria

July 21, 2008

my newest piece of mac crack.  this is not going to help my addiction.  not one little bit.



5 Responses to “introducing victoria”

  1. Nicole Says:

    oooo, pretty!

  2. angelika05 Says:

    It is SO COOL! Eric asked me if I would want one for Christmas. Um, I know we are supposed to be on a “budget” for Christmas but I said HELL YES!

  3. Isaac Says:

    You didn’t actually buy that right? I mean, I saw it on the kitchen table, but just assumed that you were renting it for 24 hours or something.

  4. Kristen Says:

    my blackberry challenges victoria to a duel. 🙂

  5. ehiwv Says:

    dude…kristen, you don’t want that fight. but i may start sending you random texts and emails at all hours of the night now. watch out.

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