July 21, 2008

i gave myself a self-imposed computer time-out this weekend.  at 5:30 on friday i bid farewell to my sweet doreen (yes, my macbook has a name. i love her. shut it) and promised that i would see her again on monday morning.  i’ve been feeling a bit addicted lately.  i wouldn’t say that i spend more time with my computer than i do with my child, but that’s only because i’m afraid to admit the truth.  just kidding.   kind of.  i decided that this weekend i wouldn’t check my email, i wouldn’t read blogs, i wouldn’t hang out with my internet friends (yes, i have internet friends.  more on that later) and i wouldn’t open my computer until it was time for “morning edition” on monday.  by 6:30 on friday evening i had the twitches; my fingers were itching for the smooth, rhythmic click-clack of the keys.  i watched a few episodes of “intervention” on A&E and found solidarity with the junkies and crackheads going through detox as i stared longingly at my computer, restraining myself from getting online.  “i’ll just get on for a minute. just a quick check to see what i’m missing,” i thought.  by saturday morning i was sneaking hits of google off my husband’s blackberry.  by sunday evening i was making up excuses to go to the mall just so i could huddle in the corner of the apple store, counting the hours until i could get back online.  and now….it’s monday.  i’m back in front of my computer reflecting on my tech-free weekend.  sadly, i realize that i cannot live without the internet, but i do think that this little experiment confirmed my suspicion that i need to moderate my behavior a wee bit.  like all good things in life, over consumption is usually ill-advised, so i will try to cut back when i can and maybe throw in another tech-free day here and there to focus on the “unplugged” aspects of my life.


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