rainbow blight

July 16, 2008

did anyone else watch that episode of oprah with the lady who was a hoarder who had ten-million tons of garbage in her house?  did anyone else see a little bit of themselves in her behavior?  clearly not to that extreme, but we’re all a little bit prone to holding on to too much stuff, right?  i give my husband a hard time for being a pack rat but i know that i am almost as bad as he is.  well, maybe not quite; one of us has carried a box of old newspapers around for ten years, across three states, through law school and about six different houses.  (hint: it wasn’t me).  in an effort to “go green” and simplify our lives we have been sorting and purging all the crap we’ve got around here.  we’ve got a long way to go, but we’re making progress.  i was going through the bathroom cabinets today and found a box of makeup that i’ve been holding onto for years….years, y’all.  i bought some of the eyeshadow in there when i was in college!  these days it’s a big event when i have a reason to even wear mascara because that probably means i am going somewhere other than target, but there was a time when i gussied myself up on a regular basis.  i don’t know why i’ve held on to it all; maybe part of me really believed that i would wear lavender or green eyeshadow again someday, maybe i have a hard time throwing anything away.  clearly i have no reason to keep it, i’m sure it has far exceeded its recommended shelf-life by now.  so, i am going to hold my breath and dump it in the trash.  i hate wasting anything, but there’s no good reason for it to take up space in my house.  i suppose our landfills will be a little more colorful now.


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