finding my zen

July 12, 2008

it seems like every time i turn on the news it is just gets more and more grim.  perhaps life has always been this way, but lately it just seems more in-your-face unavoidable.  it’s nothing but tsunamis, and cyclones, and earthquakes, and famine, and disease, and global warming, and school shootings, and republicans…doom and gloom no matter where you turn.  i suppose i could avoid the news, but that would be mighty hard considering my unhealthy relationship with NPR.  (some may call it an ‘addiction’, i prefer to think of it as an enthusiastic dependence).  my natural reaction to all things mildly catastrophic is much like that of a certain chicken little, as in “OHMYGOD the sky is falling and we’re all going to die and where’s my xanax and is my life insurance policy up to date?”  it’s not the most admirable quality but i think it’s completely rational given my tendency to be a little anxious. (ed.note: my husband would fall down laughing if he heard me refer to myself as just “a little” anxious.  my zoloft would have to agree.)  i’ve decided that i could sit at home, muttering to myself and wringing my hands, ruminating on all the potential doomsday scenarios that may occur, or i could try my best to make my little corner of the universe as peaceful as possible…at least until we all blow up in some sort of fatal calamity.  

so, i am trying to take a more laid back, zen-like approach to life.  it turns out, however, that reading books by the dalai lama doesn’t automatically make you more serene.  that hasn’t stopped me from trying though;  i do yoga, i try to meditate, i sit in silence and breathe.  it try to think “what would buddha do?” (WWBD? do you think i can get that on a t-shirt?) before getting too worked up about the little things in life.  i try to focus on today without worrying too much about tomorrow.  it’s not easy.  most of all, i am trying to focus on what’s important: my baby, my health, my marriage, my family, my home.  these are the things i would protect with my life.  these are the things that matter.  of course i still worry about the greater state of affairs, but if i spend too much energy worrying about orphans in africa or the impending extinction of polar bears i will see nothing but catastrophe and will lose sight of the goodness that surrounds me.


One Response to “finding my zen”

  1. Nicole Says:

    interesting. i’m curious to see if they work for you. how many do you take?

    NicB from the Nest

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