a new blog

July 12, 2008

i know, every one has a blog.  i used to have one too,  but then i became too critical of my own thoughts and writing and i found out that there were some things that other people weren’t comfortable reading, so i became uncomfortable sharing them.  so i took it all down.  i’m not a great writer, though i think i sort of used to be, and half of the time these days i can’t even put two coherent thoughts together unless they involve the itsy-bitsy spider and diapers.  but i keep thinking that i have too many thoughts all a-jumbled in my brain and i need to sort them out by writing them down.  who knows, maybe i will find out that there is nothing blogworthy in there after all and i will abandon this attempt as well.  but here it goes, my new blog.  let the mindspew commence.


One Response to “a new blog”

  1. jkmastera Says:

    As my husband said, you are a MILF. Own it, Liz!!!! You’re one hawt mama!!!

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