don’t you just hate it when your husband says, “i think i’ll come home for lunch and then work from home the rest of the day” and you think, “sweet!  we’ll eat lunch and then the baby will go down for a nap and then we’ll go upstairs for a little, um, dessert” and then something comes up and he gets stuck at the office so you end up sitting on the couch eating ben & jerry’s straight out of the carton instead because it’s the only dessert you’re gonna get?   yeah.  me too.

parenting advice 101

July 25, 2008

when you have a child who loves nothing more than to eat fruit, fruit, fruit, be ye mindful not to allow her to eat her weight in blueberries.  delicious, yes, but not so pretty on the flipside.

have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “gosh, i really need a facial” and then thought, “wow, are my clogged pores really the biggest worry i have right now?  i need to chill the fuck out.”  i know that i am an anxious person, and some days i worry just about worrying – because apparently i need something to worry about all the time – but really i have a very blessed life.  my baby is healthy, we have enough money to pay all our bills every month, we have a very comfortable home, i have great friends; honestly there is not much to complain about, and yet i often have to make a very conscious effort to relax and breathe and just find my little happy place.  the other day, after reading this blog, a friend asked me if i was sad.  i’m not, really.  i guess i’m just a bit of a whiner.

lessons from my baby

July 22, 2008

my once-teeny-tiny little baby is 11 months old today.  this past year has been a whirlwind of amazing highs and desolate lows, frustration and joy, challenge and triumph, and most of all, love, love, love.  i have learned so much about myself by becoming a mother; my daughter is the best teacher i’ve ever had.  she teaches me new things every single day.  here are a few of the lessons that i have found most inspiring:

  • take time to appreciate every day; time is flying faster than you think.
  • you don’t need a lot of “stuff” to be happy.
  • be proud of your accomplishments; laugh loudly and clap your hands when you do something great.
  • don’t be afraid to shed a few tears; you will always get what you want.
  • even the crankiest grump can be disarmed by a genuine smile.
  • a bad day always seems better after a long nap.
  • when learning new things you will probably fall a few times.  you just have to get up and try again, even if it’s easier to stay down.
  • sometimes a hug really does make everything all better.

introducing victoria

July 21, 2008

my newest piece of mac crack.  this is not going to help my addiction.  not one little bit.


dear panhandler,

July 21, 2008

just a suggestion; when you see me sitting outside an all-organic coffee shop, sipping on a pot of tea and reading the latest issue of yoga journal, please do not approach me and try to bum a cigarette.  i think it’s pretty safe to assume that i don’t smoke.


July 21, 2008

i gave myself a self-imposed computer time-out this weekend.  at 5:30 on friday i bid farewell to my sweet doreen (yes, my macbook has a name. i love her. shut it) and promised that i would see her again on monday morning.  i’ve been feeling a bit addicted lately.  i wouldn’t say that i spend more time with my computer than i do with my child, but that’s only because i’m afraid to admit the truth.  just kidding.   kind of.  i decided that this weekend i wouldn’t check my email, i wouldn’t read blogs, i wouldn’t hang out with my internet friends (yes, i have internet friends.  more on that later) and i wouldn’t open my computer until it was time for “morning edition” on monday.  by 6:30 on friday evening i had the twitches; my fingers were itching for the smooth, rhythmic click-clack of the keys.  i watched a few episodes of “intervention” on A&E and found solidarity with the junkies and crackheads going through detox as i stared longingly at my computer, restraining myself from getting online.  “i’ll just get on for a minute. just a quick check to see what i’m missing,” i thought.  by saturday morning i was sneaking hits of google off my husband’s blackberry.  by sunday evening i was making up excuses to go to the mall just so i could huddle in the corner of the apple store, counting the hours until i could get back online.  and now….it’s monday.  i’m back in front of my computer reflecting on my tech-free weekend.  sadly, i realize that i cannot live without the internet, but i do think that this little experiment confirmed my suspicion that i need to moderate my behavior a wee bit.  like all good things in life, over consumption is usually ill-advised, so i will try to cut back when i can and maybe throw in another tech-free day here and there to focus on the “unplugged” aspects of my life.

the next design star

July 17, 2008

this is a living room:

this is a living room after being decorated by an eleven-month-old baby with a bucket of toys, a box of books, and the august 2008 pottery barn catalog:

rainbow blight

July 16, 2008

did anyone else watch that episode of oprah with the lady who was a hoarder who had ten-million tons of garbage in her house?  did anyone else see a little bit of themselves in her behavior?  clearly not to that extreme, but we’re all a little bit prone to holding on to too much stuff, right?  i give my husband a hard time for being a pack rat but i know that i am almost as bad as he is.  well, maybe not quite; one of us has carried a box of old newspapers around for ten years, across three states, through law school and about six different houses.  (hint: it wasn’t me).  in an effort to “go green” and simplify our lives we have been sorting and purging all the crap we’ve got around here.  we’ve got a long way to go, but we’re making progress.  i was going through the bathroom cabinets today and found a box of makeup that i’ve been holding onto for years….years, y’all.  i bought some of the eyeshadow in there when i was in college!  these days it’s a big event when i have a reason to even wear mascara because that probably means i am going somewhere other than target, but there was a time when i gussied myself up on a regular basis.  i don’t know why i’ve held on to it all; maybe part of me really believed that i would wear lavender or green eyeshadow again someday, maybe i have a hard time throwing anything away.  clearly i have no reason to keep it, i’m sure it has far exceeded its recommended shelf-life by now.  so, i am going to hold my breath and dump it in the trash.  i hate wasting anything, but there’s no good reason for it to take up space in my house.  i suppose our landfills will be a little more colorful now.

where i live

July 15, 2008



“give me the splendid silent sun with all his beams full-dazzling”

-walt whitman